Both attorneys quoted in this article – Douglas Hyldahl and Starck Follis, Director of the Whatcom County Public Defender’s Office – have endorsed Jonathan Rands for District Court Judge.

“Having served as a Whatcom County District Court judge for 16 years, I have had the opportunity to observe many, many lawyers, and I can say with confidence that Jonathan Rands has the knowledge, skill, integrity, work ethic and demeanor to honor the Court and the people of Whatcom County. He has both an institutional understanding of the work of the District Court and the forward-thinking mindset to make a positive impact on the community and the judiciary. I strongly urge a vote for Jonathan Rands in this election.”
Judge David Grant (ret)
Whatcom County District Court
“Mr. Rands has appeared before me on numerous occasions. I have seen a lot of lawyers in my judicial career, and Mr. Rands is among the best. He is an outstanding lawyer and will make an outstanding judge.”
Judge Thomas Verge
Skagit County Superior Court
“Having observed Jonathon in court for many years, I have found him to be a knowledgeable, well-prepared attorney -- traits that will make him an asset to the Whatcom County District Court bench.”
Judge Steve Skelton (ret)
Skagit County District Court
“Exceptional judicial officers possess many essential qualities, perhaps none more important than commitment to impartiality. It is a difficult task to set aside one’s own point of view and carry out the law in a fair and impartial manner. Jonathan is a pleasant and patient person who will have a judicial temperament such that he will understand the effects of his judicial decisions on the individuals appearing before the court. He is tactful, firm, compassionate, and judiciously uses his common sense. It is not always the case that attorneys, such as Jonathan, with successful and long-running careers will seek judicial office. This election offers the County an opportunity to fill this position with a candidate who will serve the residents of Whatcom County with integrity, intelligence and justice.”
Warren J. Page
Former Chief Criminal Deputy
Whatcom County Prosecutor’s Office
"I have known Jonathan for his entire legal career here in Skagit and Whatcom Counties, the last 15 years as the Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney. Jonathan and I have had a number of cases together, and what I have found is that he is well prepared, knowledgeable about the facts and the law of the case and prepared to go to trial if an agreement cannot be reached. As a trial lawyer he advocates strongly for his clients in an ethical and fair manner. He is a very worthy advocate in court, knowing the rules of evidence and how cases should be tried. These qualities are very important for a successful trial judge. Jonathan has the experience and training to deal with the most complex issues. He will be a great judge for Whatcom County."
Richard Weyrich
Skagit County Prosecuting Attorney
“Jonathan Rands comes across as genuine and insightful but without being strident. He thinks through the thorniest of legal issues with intelligence and patience. He embodies all the qualities that we need in a judge.”
Judge Andrea King Robertson
King County Superior Court
“Having seen Jonathan Rands practice in court, I can safely say that you will receive the best legal defense possible in all situations.”
Robert Lockhart
Bellingham Attorney
“I have known Jonathan Rands for many years professionally and personally. He is the epitome of professionalism and character. Whatcom County will benefit from his service on the bench. I recommend him without hesitation.”
Carla Mullins
“Jonathan and his wife are stellar citizens in the best sense of the word. They are generous with their time and resources, giving back to the community they deeply love. If elected judge, I believe Jonathan would bring new energy and a strong resolve to be just and fair to all who would appear before him.”
Kathleen Reed
“Jonathan will make an AMAZING jurist and I don't hesitate to endorse him.”
Jonathan Dichter
Mill Creek Attorney
“I’m glad to hear you’re going to run for D.C. judge. I think you’d be great!”
Brooke Anderson
Whatcom County Superior Court clerk
"Fair, kind and intelligent. Our community needs Jonathan Rands."
Gina Fagan Kley
"More than a decade of knowing Jonathan Rands tells me Whatcom County will be well-served by his big heart, perceptiveness, and intelligence. Electing Jonathan as District Court Judge will be a win for our local community."
Margot Worthy
Birch Bay
"I cannot think of a more qualified candidate. Jonathan will be an excellent Judge."
George Freeman
Mount Vernon Attorney
"I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Jonathan and Janise on a professional and personal level when they set up his private practice in Bellingham. He is honest, forthright and dedicated to the practice of law. Please cast your vote in his favor. He will honor this commitment and be truly worthy of your trust."
Virginia Leatherwood
"There is no one more qualified to be a District Court Judge. Jonathan has the experience and technical knowledge to make an excellent judge. I strongly endorse Jonathan Rands."
Justin Campbell
Anacortes Attorney
"I have known Jonathan personally and professionally since we moved here to Whatcom County nearly 13 years ago. He and his family are good people with generous hearts and a great sense of humor. I have no doubt that his balanced approach to life would translate to his role as a judge."
Dylan J. Semu, D.C.
"Jonathan Rands is a fair, honest and responsible guy who I respect. I believe him to be well versed in the law and familiar with our local court system. I am confident he will serve ably and dutifully as our next District Court Judge."
Dawn Durand
"I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for several years serving mutual clients in different matters. Jonathan is intelligent, ethical, kind, and professional. He would be an excellent addition to the District Court bench!"
Leta Sanchez
Bellingham Attorney
"I have known Jonathan Rands as a lawyer for many years. He is one of the brightest, hardworking, and talented lawyers that I know. Most trial lawyers lament the fact that many judges have not had any significant trial experience. Jonathan has handled hundreds of criminal cases over his career, both as a former public defender and in private practice. He also understands how to run a business. He is tenacious and has the manner of a true professional and gentleman. He would make an outstanding addition to the bench. I endorse Jonathan Rands one hundred percent."
Kenneth Fornabai
Enumclaw Attorney
"Mr. Rands is very fair, efficient, and very well respected."
Darren Sandstrom
"Jonathan’s thorough trial work reflects his care for human beings and his dedication to the law. He will make an excellent District Court judge. I endorse him heartily."
Lenell Nussbaum
Seattle Attorney
Past President
Washington Assn. of Criminal Defense Lawyers
"We need more judges who fully understand that the core of an equitable justice system comes from our Constitution. Jonathan will be a judge that works to treat everyone equally, he will ensure due process, and will defend our rights in the courtroom. That is why I support him."
Rebecca Peck
Former Probation Officer
"He's your first choice."
Edward Beaman
"Jonathan is well qualified to sit as Whatcom County District Court Judge. I've known Jonathan for years. He is very intelligent, has broad knowledge of law, and always fights for the best interest of his clients."
Greg Gudbranson
"I think Jonathon would be an excellent choice for Judge in Whatcom County and would serve the District with great vigor and constitution through his tenure there! "
Bradley Watson
"Jonathan is a tireless advocate for his clients and the rule of law. He will make an exceptional judge and I endorse him without reservation."
Nathan Webb
Woodinville Attorney
"I knew Jonathan Rands when I worked for Skagit County District Court Probation and he was a defense attorney. I was always impressed with his skill and professionalism. He is thoughtful and caring and would be a judge that Whatcom County will be proud of."
Linda Eiford
Mt. Vernon
"Mr. Rands is the epitome of grace and professionalism. He is always pleasant and I have no doubt that he will be a fair and well-balanced judge, and a wonderful addition to the District Court."
Jennifer Grecco
Woodinville Attorney
"I think Jonathon would be an excellent choice for Judge in Whatcom County and would serve the District with great vigor and constitution through his tenure there!"
Bradley Watson
"I attended Seattle University Law school with Mr. Rands. He is as great in person as in the courtroom. I am always impressed by his honesty and work ethic."
Carol Henrichsen Tisdall
"Jonathan Rands is an accomplished, measured, and passionate advocate for fairness and the rule of law. His depth and scope of understanding of the nuances and science that contributes to the medicolegal aspects of DUI cases is second to none. I've worked with Attorney Rands for several years. He will be an invaluable asset as Judge in Whatcom County District Court in recognizing the rights of all and the upholding of the law."
Suzanne Perry
Salient Analytical Services
"I’ve had the pleasure of watching Jonathan’s legal career unfold since its inception when we worked in the same office together. Jonathan’s work ethic, high integrity and fine intellect distinguished him from the start. His fine reputation has long since expanded to a statewide one. Jonathan has vast experience working with the people who would come before him on the district court bench. That together with his dedication to justice and fidelity to the rule of law will make him a fine judge."
Keith Tyne
Former Executive Director
Skagit County Public Defender
"Jonathan Rands has appeared before me in Evergreen District Court on several occasions. In my opinion he is the quintessential lawyer in terms of preparation and knowledge of the facts and the law. Having had numerous lawyers appear before me over the course of my 44 year judicial career, I believe Mr. Rands would be an asset to the Whatcom County District Court Bench."
Judge Steve Clough
Snohomish County District Court
Evergreen Division
"Jonathan, since our very first interview, I have been favorably impressed by the values you express, your understanding of our judicial system, and your clear belief that the peoples’ court must be fair and without intimidation so that justice is served to all. I am pleased to endorse you!"
Tim Douglas
Former Mayor of Bellingham
"From our first meeting in 2007 Jonathan’s knowledge and technical skills as a lawyer were immediately apparent. Since then, his conscientiousness and commitment to high standards in the service of his clients – and my clients – have been a constant. I have seen Jonathan communicate and explain the law and legal process to his target audience- whether lay persons or his legal peers- with authority and firmness, but without any arrogance. At the same time Jon is unfailingly courteous, patient, tolerant, fair, sensitive, and compassionate. These are the characteristics of an exceptional lawyer possessed of “judicial temperament” – an essential quality for a judge who will doubtless serve the people of Whatcom County and Washington with distinction."
Sam Hyman
British Columbia Attorney
"I worked for Bellingham Municipal Court for 20+ years, and Jonathan Rands was one of the most knowledgeable and professional attorneys I have ever worked with. He treats everyone with respect. We definitely need a Judge like him!"
Julie Olson
Former Bellingham Municipal Court Clerk
"I've been a lawyer in Bellingham for 40 years and have tried a very large number of criminal cases in both District Court and Superior Court so I think I'm in a position to offer the opinion that you are by far the superior candidate and will inject some much needed improvements to the District Court system."
Jeffrey A. Thigpen
Bellingham Attorney
“I am supporting Jonathan Rands’ election to our District Court because I believe his strong commitment to the community will produce lasting results for Whatcom County. He has shown a willingness to be an innovative leader and someone who listens to the many different voices in our diverse county. We need his depth of experience and his integrity. I urge you to cast your vote for Jonathan Rands for Judge.”
Col. Herbert G. Porter (USAF ret.)
Ferndale City Councilmember
“As both a trial court judge and now a judge on our State’s Court of Appeals, I know what it takes to handle the many difficult issues that come before a trial court. Judges need to be very experienced, knowledgeable about both the law and the Rules of Evidence, and have a boundless work ethic. Jonathan Rands more than meets all these important criteria. I have known his work for 20 years and can say without hesitation that he will make a superb District Court judge for Whatcom County.”
Judge Bill A. Bowman
Washington Court of Appeals
Former Superior Court Judge
"I have worked with Jonathan for a number of years doing investigative work when needed in his private practice. Jonathan is a compassionate, caring and honorable person which I believe will make him a very good judge. I support Jonathan Rands for district court judge."
Tom Missell
Missell Investigations
“I am a legal transcriptionist in Bellingham, and my work has given me the opportunity to listen to Jonathan Rands in his roles as an attorney and a pro tem judge. He has a keen sense of the law, fairness, professionalism and a cooperative nature. He is forward thinking and has fresh ideas about creating a Community Court and other community supports to help reduce repeat offenses. He is professional, has a steady demeanor, and is an asset to the legal community in Bellingham.”
Sue Fox-Golombek
Express Legal Transcription
"As the Executive Director of Assessment & Treatment Associates, a leading provider of chemical dependency and mental health services in Whatcom County, I can say without hesitation that Jonathan Rands has a well-known reputation for his dedication to restorative justice and empowering people to take control of their challenges to improve their lives. It was largely because of his commitment and encouragement that ATA established a facility in Whatcom County. Substance abuse problems and mental health challenges affect not just the individual but the whole family, so as part of our program we provide education and offer family counseling. Jonathan Rands’ understanding of these issues will make him an excellent judge for Whatcom County."
Steve Uhrich
Owner & Executive Director
Assessment & Treatment Associates
"J. Rands is the best. He fights for people to get a fair sentence. He is caring and knows what is right. He would be a great judge. He would be understanding and give people a chance to change and learn from their mistakes. Vote for Rands!!!! "
Amanda Jiles
"As a member of the Law Enforcement community working in Whatcom County, I have had multiple opportunities to observe Jonathan Rands both in and out of the courtroom. What impresses me is his unfailing professionalism and the respect with which he approaches our sometimes adverse positions. All of us who live and work here are concerned about the root causes of crime, especially those of us who wear a badge, but Jonathan Rands has a concrete plan for a Community Court to address those causes, and I know he will work respectfully with law enforcement to implement this plan. I will be voting for Jonathan Rands."
Steve Roff
Local Law Enforcement Officer